Look what I made for Alt Design Summit...

I am very excited because on Wednesday I will be boarding a plane for Salt Lake City. Well, it's not SLC exactly that's exciting me - it's the Alt Design Summit! It'll be me, junior blogger extraordinaire, and 500 others for 4 days of design and networking and late nights and fun. Yippee! Some of the biggest wheels in the design blogging world will be there and some other tiny wheels like me.

So all you experienced BlogHer and Blissdom <insert blog conference name> folk out there, any good tips for me? I have the wardrobe sorted out, especially the winter white outfit for Thursday night's dinner. And I have the fab new biz cards too. Don't they look great?!!

That's how they started - they came in a lovely box from Studio on Fire in Minneapolis, MN this week just.in.time for me to add a little watercolour magic. I know, Minnieapolis is far away from Raincoast Cottage on the west coast but they came HIGHLY recommended.

First steps in my kitchen/art studio/craft studio/homework central... Isn't your kitchen the family/creative hub as well?

The final product - ta dah!!!


So bring on the advice, the do's and don'ts so I maximize the fun, the learning, the laughs, and the networking. What did you do that worked and what will you do differently next time?