I went to Alt Design Summit and brought back some inspiration

Now let me tell you that I have never been to a blogging conference before - this was my first one. And what a great one it was! There is NOTHING like spending four days with 500 people who are all about design and creativity and blogging. Wow, wow, wow.... So if you didn't get to go and enjoy all the splendour that is Alt, here are some snippets of my fab experience.

The first thing you notice at Alt is all the stylish and uniquely put together outfits. The wardrobe inspiration alone would have been worth the fee! I am usually a lean packer - I can go to NYC for 5 days with a tiny carry-on. But for Alt, I dragged along my largest suitcase and had two, yes TWO outfits a day. Here are some of the shoes that I brought. No, I didn't wear everything but I came pretty close. I did take photos of my outfits but have the craziest expressions in each so no, you won't be tortured by them!

I was a little bit nervous when I left because I really didn't know anyone who was attending. Kudos to the organizers as on the first night there were a number of smaller dinners at various restaurants around Salt Lake City. Rather than walking into a room of 500, we walked into rooms of about 15-20. My dinner was sponsored by Rue La La and co-hosted by the lovely Megan of Not Martha. The food at Toscana was incredible.

Speaking of food, this is a typical dessert at lunch. Not your usual conference food!

Keynote speakers included Gretchen Rubin of the Happiness Project and Ben Silberman, founder of Pinterest. Panels in breakout rooms covered topics about not only growing your readership and apps to manage your online life, but also blog to book and kickstarting your next project. Practical smaller hands-on sessions taught such topics as photoshop, watercolour painting, portrait photography, video blogging, and fashion styling. All were top notch.

The networking was amazing. I met so many lovely bloggers and designers and came back home all inspired to dream big. As Ben Silberman said, "if you don't bet on yourself, no one will".

What are your creative dreams for this year? What are you inspired to pursue?