Deconstructing Lasagne

Remember Domino Magazine? Let's stop and have a moment of silence...Okay, back to business here. 

I have a LOT of cookbooks - some that I use and some that I have for the photos. We all do that, right? Buy cookbooks that you never REALLY cook from? I DID recently pare down a bit.

With the cookbooks on the counter in the kitchen, I also have a beat up binder with plastic sleeves with all sorts of recipes that I have torn out of magazines and printed from my computer. I KNOW that I should REALLY go digital. I mean, wouldn't colour photos be better than the ones from my black and white printer?

Old habits die hard. I don't think I'll be that person with the iPad or the desk top in the kitchen - I'm too scared that I'll kill the computer with a spray of something.

Domino Magazine. That's where I started today, right? I have a fave recipe from an old issue of Domino - don't even have the actual issue anymore (how I WISH that I had kept them!). It's lasagne. A deconstructed lasagne. No bechamel nor tomato sauce. Simple. And it lends well to trying out a few tabletop photography ideas too.

You know me - always trying to learn a thing or two.

Lasagne sheets. Ricotta cheese.

Chives, dill, cilantro, tarragon, mint. And fooling around with direction of the shot - the ingredients are meant to be falling downwards.

Top it off with some lemon zest. 

There you go. Easy and quick and I LOVE how you taste all of the individual ingredients as well as how they come together. 

Deconstructed Lasagne

(print recipe here)

serves 4

1 package lasagna sheets

20 chives

10 sprigs cilantro, stems removed

6 sprigs dill, stems removed

4 sprigs tarragon, stems removed

1 sprig mint, stem removed

2 tbsp olive oil

1 container ricotta cheese (1 lb)

kosher salt

freshly ground pepper

Cook the pasta. Meanwhile, roughly chop all of the herbs together and set aside. Drain the cooked lasagne sheets and drizzle with olive oil in the colander and toss. Divide the sheets between 4 bowls, top with a dollop of ricotta and sprinkle liberally with the herb mixture and then the lemon zest, salt and pepper. Serve immediately.

Any fave recipes that you want to share? Or tabletop photography experiments?