What to focus on: Happy

I seem to have been pontificating lately on the creative process (one of my own passions). How we create, how we can create better, living a creative life - all of that here, here and here. It's a big part of why I started this blog - to document things that I find inspiring AND to understand better my own creative process as I make my own art.

But my life isn't ALL that. I'm not Jackson Pollock hanging out in the barn thinking about drippy paint while Lee Krasner runs EVERYTHING else in my life. (Let's talk about gendered art another time, okay? And how the model of art making and living a creative life is a bit skewed to the "all or nothing" paradigm"). I do also run a home, help raise a girl with the man, and also try to keep everyone fed and watered.

Happy to do so. Very happy to do so. So in addition to all the deeper thinking and ruminating, here are some of the day-to-day things that I'll be doing today. Think errands, chores, to do's that are mundane and maybe sometimes boring but they ALL contribute to keeping me happy. And my family happy too.

  • clean and polish my daughter's school shoes (call me crazy but I LOVE polishing shoes)
  • check out a gym as a possible location for her 7th birthday party
  • pay the bills, reconcile the bank statement and enter it all into Quicken
  • FINALLY book children's theatre tickets for the girl and her friend
  • run a load of dark and white laundry
  • measure the space in the basement in the office area for a credenza for more storage
  • work on the girl's unicorn costume (tail and horn are done - now the mane)
  • work out at the gym
  • do a grocery run
  • and if I have time, work on a collage

So how about you? What chores are on your list today? 


Sandra Harris

I'm Sandra Harris, a food & lifestyle photographer based in Vancouver, Canada who also writes about creativity, art, food, photography & travel. Fan of film festivals too.