Friday links

Barney Greengrass - UWS, NYC

Let me just start by saying that I am CRAVING whitefish salad from Barney Greengrass. A scoop of whitefish salad, toasted rye and coffee. Perfection, my friends, perfection. Can't stop thinking about it. 

On to today's links...

"Jerry Seinfeld made a web television show with a 90 year-old man and a 86 year-old man and it provided one of the best ten minutes of film, period, the year". Read about why cable tv is dead, dead, dead. And why Seinfeld STILL matters.

What does it mean to like, share and follow?

It mighta been Christine Ebersole but it IS Kate Finneran - We love you Miss Hannigan! I'll be seeing it in March but I DO have three excellent tickets for the November 18 matinee - any takers?

Mad Men in Hawaii

Martha teaches us how to cook. Always upping HER game.

SNL skewers tech talk criticisms about iPhone5.

We're all over Halloween preparations at our place - decorations inside and out and costume making. The girl has today off so we're carving pumpkins and decorating cupcakes. Saturday afternoon I'll be joining Gabriel of the Artful Desperado for an photo walk WITH saki. Getting to know people in my new/old town, little by little. Add in the girl's soccer game and drama class and that's the weekend. 

How about you?