The evolution of a blog

Have you ever done an inspiration board? 

When I was planning this blog (and emailing back and forth with Schmutzie at Ninjamatics who did the design - yay for great designers! And great service! <---- completely unsolicited free plug), I put together an inspiration board. I wanted to capture both the look and the feel for this blog. At least, as best as I could in those early days.

I had an idea about this blog but it was still a bit fuzzy. 

inspiration board mood board

I suppose it's like anything that you want to create in that it needed a few iterations. Many iterations to get from here to there.

Since I've been creating this blog for almost 10 months now, I thought that I would do ANOTHER inspiration board. Something to see where I am now with it. And where I may want to go next.

I'm much more clear about what I want to use this space for. I rewrote my "about" page to better reflect my more focused direction. That's another "in process" bit - let me know what you think, okay?

inspiration board mood board

So what has changed since I started? I think I'm more "me" in not so much WHAT I write about but HOW I write it. I feel like I am able to more easily inject my own personality into each post no matter what the topic. And you know why that is? I think it's YOU. No, I KNOW it's you. Interacting with my readers in comments that you leave here, on twitter and also by email. I learn from you and I learn from trying to put my ideas on paper.

My taste in blogs has changed too. I am attracted to blogs where I have a strong sense of the person behind the blog. Don't just show me 5.cute.things. Tell me WHY I should care about them. Tell me what YOU think about it. Have an opinion. Take a stand. I might agree or I might not but it'll be more likely that I'll come back again.

I am a better writer and photographer. Am I where I want to be with either of those? Not even close! But getting there. As long as I am moving forward, no matter how small the improvement, I am happy. You know, outside of those moments where I am IMPATIENT about my progress.

I have both boards pinned on the bulletin board above my computer where I see them every day. The girl has added her own artwork here and there too.

inspiration board mood board

That's one of the things that I love about blogging - it's a process. It changes, it evolves, it grows. 

How has your blog or blog reading evolved?