Stop acting your age

Halloween decorations

Do you ever find yourself getting a bit TOO serious? A little too much ruminating going on? Perhaps some hand-wringing thrown in? Career, health, family, finances. 

Live long enough and stuff happens. Great stuff. Amazing stuff. Stuff you could never have begun to dream of when you were younger. But also the other kind of stuff. That job you had hoped for? They hired someone else. Finally got into the housing market? House prices drop. Family member fell ill? Maybe you fell ill? 

Sometimes it's just a little TOO easy for life to become do. That slippery slope of obligations and doing what everyone ELSE thinks you should do rather than what you want. And you KNOW that "they" have some pretty strong ideas about what you SHOULD be doing! 

Grow up. Start acting your age. Or actually, how about a new happiness commandment to add to your list? Get ready for it - how about STOP acting your age? Think about it...perhaps we all need a bit of childlike behaviour. Not childISH but childlike.

One of THE best benefits to having a six year old around the place is that she is so keen and so in the moment and so up for anything. Anything active. Anything fun. Anything new. And she is ALL over celebrating every holiday. Especially Halloween.

Halloween decorations - Sandra Harris

We are Halloween decoration central at the cottage here - inside and out. Witches, black cats, skeletons - lots of skeletons, cob webs, carved pumpkins, miniature haunted house, black and orange garlands. Spooky music. Cupcakes. And by special request (don't ask - I wasn't brave enough to ask) the requisite dead baby hanging in the tree out front.

Many conversations about which costume (it's a homemade unicorn - you KNOW I'll show you photos next week). And trick-or-treating strategies - which houses and which streets and when to hand out candy.

So how about every once in a while we all STOP acting our age and START being a little more childlike? In the moment. Fun. Silliness. Life's short, baby - might as well have a few laughs along the way.

Erin of Art Social started this happiness link-up over here and you can join in each week too. 

Halloween_decorations outside