Friday links

Royal Hawaiian Hotel, Honolulu, Oahu - Sandra Harris

It's been a good week - how about you? I'm taking a class in street photography and my second class this week was 3 hours in the rain (hurrah for the Pacific Northwest!) taking photos. I'm whittling them down to 10 to present next week. Of course YOU will see them too.

After all this rain AND some hail, I'm dreaming of Hawaii...

I KNEW they'd be staying at the Royal Hawaiian!

Mad Men hits Honolulu . Mai Tai anyone? Before the Don Ho show?

And what IS Don Draper reading on Waikiki Beach?

Can't keep a dissident down. Even while under house arrest, Chinese artist Ai Weiwei does gangnam style. Note the handcuffs. (If you need some background, read this first).

Opening lines that electrify.

I wanna see this exhibit in London. And he's from the Canadian prairies too!

You can't rush creativity.

Let your kids pick their Halloween costumes, 'kay?

Life is like ice cream.

By the time we meet again Halloween will be but a memory, my friends. The neighbours are having their annual Halloween open house before the trick-or-treating begins. Then we'll be hitting the streets with the girl, in all her unicorn styling glory. 

Next week I'm thinking another installment in "foreign film for beginners". I'm having a hard time narrowing it down - so many GREAT films that I wanna share. And we'll see what else I can put together for you.