If Blogging is Vanity, I am Happy to be Vain

I have a confession to make. I started writing this post around the idea that none of us are as perfect as we may seem to be. That none of this aspirational type writing/posting/blogging is an attempt to set the bar higher.
Here and there I've read rumblings of criticism of lifestyle blogs - that we portray a perfect life, that we create unrealistic expectations, that we are wasting our time, that we are all about acquiring and consuming, that we are shallow.
And then I posted this a few days ago. Which generated a good discussion on twitter between me, Jen from Classic Play and SBSterling at Neuroses Galore
I realised after bantering back and forth on twitter that in writing this post in the original way, what I was doing was hiding myself a bit. AGAIN. I was dampening down my passions, my interests, my dreams. 
Jen tweeted, "I also think there's a perception that blogging is vanity. Like, why do we think we have anything special to say?" Between the lines are the criticisms: "how DARE you be you. How DARE you create and put yourself out there. How DARE you follow your passions. Who do YOU think you are?" 
I spent far too many years being "less than" so that others wouldn't feel intimidated. Wouldn't be uncomfortable. Hiding talents, downplaying successes and achievements. Being told not to be too.much. Don't be too passionate about your interests - just don't.
Enough of that. For all of us. I want you to see ALL of me, to know ALL of who I am. And I want to know ALL about you too. Let me see all that is great and smart and creative and talented. Bellow from the rooftops about all of your achievements. Show me what you are good at. Let me SEE who you are. Maybe it'll make me uncomfortable. Maybe it'll make me see where I am not expecting enough of myself. But that'll be okay because it will inspire me to greater heights too.
So my happiness post this week is challenging you with the thought that, "if blogging is vanity, then I am HAPPY to be vain".