Foreign Film for Beginners

foreign film for beginners

You KNOW how much I love TIFF and foreign film. You get the anticipation, the actual festival and the post mortem from me here and on twitter and facebook. I can't help it!

I've been thinking - that's me, always thinking - thinking about a new series. And thinking about how fall is here and soon we'll be in the midst of winter (waving at the southern hemisphere readers - I know you'll be in summer!). 

So think of cozying up on the couch and wondering what to watch. Need some inspiration? Some hand holding? A few baby steps into foreign film? I'm your gal. Right here, every few weeks or so I'll be recommending a film from somewhere in the world for YOU to watch. 

I PROMISE, it'll be a great film. None of that 6 hour monk movie that was at TIFF a few years ago. Did I mention that that film had NO dialogue? For 6 hours. Nope, won't be recommending that because I want YOU to see THE best of mainstream foreign film. No deep end just yet.

I know it's daunting to make your own selections from Netflix or your independent dvd rental shop (support local business!) - that's why I'm here.

Nine Queens Nueve Reinas

My first selection is Nine Queens (Nueve Reinas) from Argentina. Like taut thrillers? Suspense? This is the one for you. Think of spy vs. spy but with con artists instead. MASTERFUL con artists. You never know who is scamming whom til the very end. You will THINK you have it figured out and then there's another twist. Con after con after con.

It stars Ricardo Darin, one of THE top actors in Argentina today. I'll see ANYTHING with him in it. He starred in the Oscar winning 2009 film Secret in their Eyes.

Don't know any Spanish? No worries - it's subtitled in English. Never seen a subtitled film before? You get used to it REALLY quickly. And it'll be a treat to see actors who look like REAL people. None of this crazy botox and plastic surgery and whitened teeth. I mean, who LOOKS like that in real life?

So watch it. You will LOVE it. And let me know what you think.