It's the little things

Guggenheim, NYC - August 2012

I have to be honest. I can't keep things from you - not possible. I'm neither that cunning nor crafty.

I've been feeling a bit off lately. Tired. Not sleeping well. A bit worn out. Not as inspired as usual. Too much on my plate. Or at least it feels like it.

Maybe it's the cold that I've been wrestling with for the past two weeks. That could be it. 

Maybe it's the end of the year rushing up FAST. And LOTS to do before that comes. All good things. Just a lot.

I've been thinking about the source of this, this malaise. Starting putting two and two together. And I realised. I figured out. I noticed. I saw. I saw that a LOT of what I HAD been doing, I suddenly stopped. They fell by the wayside. 

A lot of the things that I had been doing that helped me feel happy and rested and healthy. That's what fell by the wayside. Off the table. Stopped.

I made a list of these things. And I have good reasons why I stopped doing them. 

Let's see.


  • stay hydrated by drinking a lot of water and juice during the day
  • start the day with 3 morning pages in my journal
  • eat lunch
  • walk the girl 20 minutes each way to and from school
  • work out with my trainer 2x a week
  • go to spin class at least once a week


What killed them? I got a cold so didn't work out or spin for 10 days. We had a DELUGE of rain so rather than getting kitted out in rain gear I defaulted to driving the girl to school. Went from thing to thing to thing so skipped lunch most days. And got up too late to write in my journal.

Result? The afore-mentioned malaise. Feeling blah. Uninspired.

Solution? Get back on track. Get back on track with the hydration and the exercise and the journalling. Get back on track with some little things that end up making a HUGE difference.

It really IS the little things. At least for me.

How about you? What little things make or break your happiness?