Friday links

Waiting for the bus on Main Street, Vancouver <----LOVE doing street photography

As you read this I am at Camp Mighty, day 2. In Palm Springs. Soaking up as MUCH vitamin D as I can before I zoom home. But enough about me - bring on the links!

Dancers in our midst

7 creativity tips. From a mathematician. Really.

The times they are a-changin'...

Christophe Jacrot shoots NYC after Sandy, after dark.

And Long Island Power Authority, gangnam style. THE best parody...At least they can still laugh, almost three weeks after Sandy.

Blog commenter and photographer Dave Cooper kindly pointed me in the direction of MORE Vivian Maier photos. Scroll down and read about her life.

Art or vandalism by committee.

How's your online self-esteem?

The last days of film photography.

Yes! There's going to be a third season.

I'm buying this!

It's Diwali!

I'm back on Sunday and I KNOW I'll be all inspired. And tired. And full of a zillion ideas, a small percentage of which I will actually be able to implement over the next while. You KNOW I'll be sharing what I learned with you.