Street Photography - Main Street

You know that I'm taking a course in street photography, right? I've done some online classes that are GREAT. (Shout out to Nicoles Classes! I've signed up for Photography 102 in March 2013 - come join me). But it certainly is wonderful to go out and shoot and ALSO have a teacher that you check in with every hour or so for questions.

I've shown you the results of some of my homework - that I DID ask some people if I could take their photograph. And gave you some tips so YOU could do it too.

Today I have some photos from my first outing - on Main Street in Vancouver. This was BEFORE I did the "ask someone to take their photo" exercise. My first attempt at street photography.


The course is built around one week of street photography and then the next week we meet to critique our best shots. For eight weeks. Or ten weeks - I can't remember.

So what was the feedback on these photos?

Loved the colour and composition (I think that's partly influenced by practicing a lot of tabletop photography). 

Things to work on? More layers of people and action. More drama. I'll show you my next round soon and we'll see if I improved in those areas.