Face to face


Saguaro Hotel, Palm Springs

Maybe it's something in the air but it seems like people are thinking and talking about community, creative community. Jen asked this week, "where would you live?" in the context of finding a place that, in the words of Richard Florida, "fosters and supports creative effort." Mary Lauren blogged about making herself available to others. And I wrote last week about how I was reminded again of the power of kind words to our friends

What do these three posts have in common? Face-to-face contact. Being with. Being in the presence of friends and peers.

This blogging gig has been an amazing way to build an online community, to find other like-minded people to share my interests and passions and dreams. Each day I Skype, banter on twitter and facebook, and comment on blogs and instagram. I love it. I need it. I might need some quiet time to recharge but I love being in contact throughout my day.

But there's something about being with someone else. Right there. 

I met a local blogger today for coffee. Being fairly new to town I'm slowly building my own community here in Vancouver. So today after my street photography class I drove downtown and met Gabriel, the Artful Desperado. We've never met in person but we do have some friends in common (Melanie and Danielle!).

The banter. The joking. The fun. The conversation. It's all so much MORE when you are face-to-face.