Friday links - with an arty, geeky gift guide too!


I've come down from the high that is Camp Mighty but I've been ALL over taking next steps here in Vancouver. It's been quite a busy week - but good busy. Had coffee and lunch with potential collaborators (that sounds vaguely WWII-ish) and am down to the LAST street photography class next week. Sniff... You KNOW I'll still be going out on my own.

Before the links, a little geeky, arty gift guide action.

5 gifts for the art-afflicted.

For your trekkie friends (and dare I say, for yourself?), THE best Star Trek art prints.

A Heisenberg t-shirt anyone? Pop culture gift guide

Geek out over 11d's history book gift guide. I look forward to this EVERY year.

To the links!

See his photos and hear what photographer Steve McCurry has to say in his latest interview.

Maurice Sendak doesn't cater to the bulls**t of innocence.

How to make big ideas happen.

Maybe living with a lot of creative people ISN'T the best thing for your work...

Hanukkah for NYC kids.

James Bond movies predict the economy.

Mandy Patinkin teaches New Yorkers to sing in Yiddish. Humour me, people, humour me.

Yiddish Theater Fundraiser - Mandy Patinkin from matthew edginton on Vimeo.

The weekend is welcome after a busy week. Tonight the man and I will be listening to a photographer talk about inspiration. The man carries on with a full weekend workshop of the same while the girl and I do our weekend-y things. Soccer game. Preparations for someone's 7th birthday party coming up soon. A little musical theatre performance. And some farmer's market action. You?