Mighty Life List

You know that I am going to Camp Mighty in a few weeks, right? I know, I can't believe it either - that I am lucky enough to go and gah, that it's only in a few weeks! Well as part of that, I am meant to make a life list. (The idea was born over here). 

It's not just a list of things that I want to do - it doesn't just stop there. And that's the magic. You see, the POINT is that we work together to help each other knock some things off of our lists. Together. Share info, contacts. Collaborate. Give advice. Something a little more practical than merely putting it out there in the ether.

Here's my list so far. I've grouped it into categories to make it easier for me to remember. And I KNOW I'll be adding to it as things come to mind. Crossing them off as I go.


1. Gig on jazz piano and the man on drums

2. Accompany singers and musicians in a duo

3. Go to Jazz Port Townsend each July

4. Have a regular group of jazz musicians to jam with

5. Collaborate on a creative project

6. Have a show of my street photography

7. Have my photography published in a magazine or a book

8. Contribute an essay to a book

9. Have an article published in a magazine


10. Write an e-course on creative process to inspire makers

11. Speak at a conference (I'm speaking at ALT 2013!)

12. Create an e-magazine

13. Have my blog become a source for ideas about creative process, photography, and foreign film


14. Grow a group of dedicated, interactive blog readers

15. Host a monthly foreign film night

16. Host a monthly salon

17. Start an international childrens’ film festival in Vancouver

18. Host a childrens’ community art show (thanks Jen!)

19. Have a creative and fun group of girlfriends in whatever city I am living in (thanks Melanie!)


20. Own a cottage in Ontario cottage country (again - I can't get over it!)

21. Own an apartment in NYC (do I even NEED to explain?)


22. Go to NYC at least 2x a year forevah

23. Spend 2 months travelling in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, and Finland

24. Take my girl to southern Africa where I used to live

25. Spend 2 months in Italy

26. Spend 2 months in NYC

28. Visit Heather in London


29. Go to TIFF (Toronto International Film Festival) every year forever

30. See 45 movies at TIFF one year (I usually see around 20-25)

31. Attend a play reading in NYC

32. Attend a play rehearsal in NYC

33. Have a private tour by a historian of Hampton Court Palace

34. Meet Paprika Steen (fave Danish actress) 


35. Break 100 at golf

36. Bake bread

37. Sew an Elizabethan costume

38. Make a documentary with the man

39. Keep up with the man on my snowboard

40. Portrait photography

41. Furniture upholstery

Ambitious, eh? Yup. But might as well put it all out there.

Do you have a life list? Need any help with achieving any of your items?