Friday links

Still thinking about the US election? How about Hurricane Sandy? It's been QUITE a couple of weeks, my friends. I don't think I can take anymore and I don't even LIVE in the US!

Pete Campbell is STILL getting punched in the face.

And sticking with Mad Men - China loves it!

Making Bond relevant. You know where I'll be Saturday night.

Nathan Lane is returning to Broadway! I first saw him in Guys and Dolls.

Looking forward to Les Miz

And one more Broadway tidbit - Annie opened last night at the Palace!

Obama won but what does it mean for arts funding?

Dean Martin and Goldie Hawn. I miss variety shows - there's an art to that banter.

This weekend? The afore-mentioned Bond flick. The man snapped up some tickets as soon as he could. The girl has Friday AND Monday off from school so there'll be some outings in the offing - I see a swimming pool and an aquarium on the horizon. The sun has been uncharacteristically present for a few days so I think some outdoors action too. Oh, and a haircut. Going to Camp Mighty next Thursday and I DO need the hair updated.

How about you? Going to see the new Bond?