Surround yourself with those who inspire

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A year ago Schmutzie at Ninjamatics was putting the final touches on this blog. Monday, January 2, 2012 was my first post. And then sixteen days later I flew to Salt Lake City to attend the Altitude Design Summit. I knew no one. Not one person. I know - sometimes I'll just throw myself into something, sink or swim.

Knew enough from an Alt Class to have some stylish letter-press business cards. 

So with cards clutched in my hand (actually, they were stuffed in a ziploc bag since the size and shape didn't fit a regular card holder), I arrived.

I remember talking to people - TRYING to talk. That's me trying, not them. Everyone was generous and friendly. I had ZERO elevator gab. "What's your blog about" "Um, ah, well...."

I felt like SUCH a beginner. I'd hide out to catch my breath and recharge and get ready to zoom out again and work the room.

But at the White Party I met Jen from Classic Play. You've been to her blog, right? It's elegant and charming and beautiful and oh so Jen. Just her style. And vision. Unmistakable. 

Where am I going with this? Well, my happiness thought for today is something that Ben Silberman of Pinterest said at Alt: 

Surround yourself with those who inspire

Jen is one of those who inspire me to write better, to create better, to be a better maker. Her husband Dave is a professional photographer and provides many of the images for her blog - he inspires me to be a better photographer. 

Less than a year after we met, let's see where we are now. I am pleased to contribute childrens' book reviews to her blog in a column called the Reading Nook. Jen and I collaborate on a column here on my blog called Talking About Creativity. And we are co-leading a roundtable at Alt next month called Makers Gotta Make - Fine-tuning Your Creative Process for Success.

It's been quite a year. And much of that is due to having inspiring friends and collaborators like Jen.

Do you surround yourself with inspiring people? 


Sandra Harris

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