How to be incognito doing street photography


You know that I've been learning street photography, right? Took an eight week class and also have been looking at books of street photographers. So many different styles. 

When I'm learning about an art form I LOVE learning its history. At first it's just a jumble of this person's work and that person's work. A rough timeline through history. A few pertinent points about why they are important to the field.

And then. Little by little, I start to see in a particular photograph references to past masters. "Oh, they are taking THIS iconic image and doing THAT to it in their work." Or, "it used to be THIS style and now this person helped shift it to THAT style."


To add to the geekiness I am also a HUGE lover of history and I also think about what was going on historically - big events, what people were seeing, listening to, interested in. The whole picture.

But back to the DOING of street photography. The PRACTICE of it. And a little tip

I'm JUST new to instagram (follow me here). Not hugely prolific yet but I AM starting to explore it through street photography. You know, in addition to shots of my shoes and my coffee. No kitties though.


So here's my tip for you if you are shy about trying out some street photography. Ear buds. Yup,  slap those ear buds on and people will think that you are listening to music and minding your own business. They will be MUCH less likely to notice you with your iPhone taking photographs.


Sometimes it IS just the simplest of ideas, eh?

More later this week on which street photographers I follow on instagram and why. And I'd love to challenge you to slap on your earbuds and take a few street photographs. And if you share them on your blog, put the link in the comments, okay?