Professional photographers on Instagram

Think of this post as a bit of a two-headed beast. I'm sharing my most inspiring professional photographers who are on Instagram. That's one head. But before that, a few words on the changes to Instagram, and they ain't sweet ones at that.

First the changes to Instagram:

Here's an excellent article describing the new Instagram terms of service. Note that anything shared on Instagram after January 16, 2013 can be used for any advertising without your consent. In other words, sold without your consent. The only way to avoid this is to delete your Instagram account. Wired tells you how to download your photos and kill your account

Methinks an exodus to Flickr?

Now to some photographers who inspire...

With any artform, whether it's film or art or music or fashion, you need to understand the thread that connects where it started to where it is today. Its history. You need to know the iconic images and practitioners. The exemplars of that artform. AND, you need to know who is doing it today. 

Today is about professional photographers on Instagram. And not just with DSLR cameras - some are doing street photography and photojournalism using iPhones.

Here's whom I follow on instagram for inspiration, professional photographers who are the early adopters. They would've jumped from film to digital back in the day too. Staying sharp and changing with the times.



Probably the most prolific advocate of iPhone street photography. Workshops and lectures at  Assistant Professor of New Media at UC Berkeley. Blogs here. And over here. Instagram here. Finally, an insightful LA Times interview over here that has lots of iphoneography tips.

Scott Strazzante


Scott is one of my faves too. He shoots a LOT using his iPhone and is on Instagram. Chicago Tribune photojournalist who blogs here

Chip Litherland

Litherland Collage.jpg

Florida based, Chip is ALL about colour, whether it's his DSLR photography or iPhone. You can find his blog over here. And his wedding photography blog here. He's on instagram here.

Eric Thayer

Thayer Collage.jpg

LA based photojournalist who blogs here  and is on instagram here

John Stanmeyer

Stanmeyer Collage.jpg

Photojournalist who shoots for National Geographic. Blogs here. Instagram here. His thoughts on Instagram here.

So you will STILL see my shoes and my latte on Instagram. Let me dress up that stream of shots and call them "behind the scenes of Raincoast Cottage". Sounds fancier, right? Or at least you'll see what I uploaded BEFORE January 16, 2013.

After January 16, 2013? You MIGHT just find me back on Flickr. I'm certainly not shooting photos, personal or professional, for someone else to use or sell.

No matter if it's Instagram or Flickr, one of my goals for 2013 is to up my game on my iPhone. Learn a few more apps other than just throwing on a couple of filters. Which, ironically, is the opposite of what I try to do with my DSLR - get it in the camera. I'm not a big post production kinda gal.

But I'm all about learning new ways to be creative.

How about you? What other photographers should I be following? And what do YOU think about the changes in terms? Going back to Flickr? Or elsewhere?