Never give up


Do you read Vanity Fair Magazine? I used to ALL the time - in the Tina Brown, editor, years. But it's lost it's way a bit and I find that I MIGHT pick up an issue here or there but for the most part, when I do, I'm disappointed. 

But not this month. It's a comedy edition edited by Judd Apatow. YES, he of Freaks & Geeks and the Girls fame. Knocked Up and The Forty Year Old Virgin. Go pick it up.

First a wee bit of contextual preamble - this IS my happiness post of the week, be patient...

Within this issue is an interview with Nichols & May - Mike Nichols and Elaine May. For a brief, shining moment these two were THE comedy duo of the late 1950's. They changed comedy from the set-up --> joke format of Bob Hope to the satiric skit style that we now take for granted. Without them there'd be no SNL.

They split up in 1961 at the peak of their fame, after 308 performances of their improvised show on Broadway. Nichols went on to direct The Odd Couple, Barefoot in the Park. Made the movie The Graduate. May went on to write many a great movie.

I read interviews like this one and there's always SOMETHING that jumps out at me, some lesson, some quote that grabs me. This one was no different.

I've learned that many of the worst things lead to the best things, that no great thing is achieved without a couple of bad, bad things on the way to them, and that the bad things that happen to you bring, in some cases, the good things.
Mike Nichols

I know it seems like SUCH a cliche but really, even when things are at their worst (and if you live long enough you DO have some of that "worst" in your life), they will get better. And they'll most likely get better in ways that you can never begin to imagine.

In the words of one of the craziest bosses that I ever had, "if it was easy, everybody'd be doing it". And that, my friends, has gotten me through many a "bad, bad thing" as I slog along hopefully to that "great thing". So do me a favour, do yourself a favour, and don't give up.