Happy 2012


Stand tall, laugh loudly and be who you truly are

- Sark

I've had that quote up on my bulletin board above my desk for most of this year. That and Gretchen Rubin's "Be Sandra" have both guided me in this first year of blogging. Little by little, step by step, I've found my blogging sea legs. 

I learned to write better, photograph with a DSLR, and how to use social media. Went from attending Alt Summit last January knowing not one person looking forward to hanging out with many friends and readers at this coming Alt Summit. And (personal horn tooting) co-leading a roundtable.

Travelled to NYC three times, Toronto twice,  and LA, Palm Springs, Seattle, Edmonton & Salt Lake City. I got to see the Cindy Sherman exhibit at MOMA and on Broadway, Death of a Salesman with Philip Seymour Hoffman. 

Worked through some amazing branding exercises with Kathleen & Tara at Braid Creative and Amanda of Amanda Genther. Got focused in the last month or two about what this place is really about. What I am all about. Where I want to go next.

2013? Taking it to the streets, so to speak. Pushing myself out of my comfort zone. More on that in January. I CAN tell you that I'm pretty excited! And more than a bit nervous...

But my friends, for the holidays, I will be offline. No social media. Spending time with the man and the girl and friends. Sleeping in. Getting some exercise. Watching some movies. Reading a few books. Eating some yummy food. 

Before I sign off for 2012, I want to thank each and every one of you for stopping by here. It means the world to me that I've found some people to share my interests. It's a huge bloggy world out there and I appreciate every visit and every comment.