I'm speaking at Altitude Design Summit!


You probably heard me mention it on Facebook and twitter when it was first announced a while back. I am pretty excited - I mean, it's ALT, people! 


So I heard the good news from Gabrielle (Design Mom) who is in charge of speakers. And I had to keep it under my hat til they announced it. Then I had to keep the title of the roundtable under my hat til it was published online in the Alt schedule.

That'd be this week. And that'd be a big hat.

Now I can give you a few more details. But not EVERYTHING of course - I like a little bit of mystery.

Before I tell you the title, I also MUST tell you that it's also going to be one of my absolute favourite ways of presenting - I'm collaborating with Jen Cooper of Classic Play! We do the "talking about creativity" series here on my blog.

Let me tell you that while I DO love the presenting and the stick-handling and facilitating of a roundtable format, I ADORE doing it with someone else. Love the give and take. And the new ideas.

Here's our title:

Makers Gotta Make - Fine Tuning Your Creative Process for Success

Whether you're a blogger, a maker, a writer or a photographer come learn how to create the atmosphere to do your best work.

It's going to be great. Because it's a roundtable YOU will have lots of opportunity to contribute. We'll introduce various topics within that umbrella title and then we'll facilitate a discussion driven by YOUR concerns and questions and thoughts and ideas. 

We debated giving away free puppies but thought that the Grand America Hotel in Salt Lake City might not be so keen on that idea. And hey, what do puppies REALLY have to do with your best creative process? 

So if you are going to Alt, we'd love to see you. Friday, January 25th at 9am. We'll be there with bells on. And big grins because we LOVE doing this!