Friday Salon


Down to business - the business my Friday arts & leisure links. Or as they will NOW be known as, my Friday Salon. Imagine us getting together in real life to banter and chat and laugh and just experience the arts together. It's my usual assortment of arts tastiness with a creative process gem thrown in for good measure. 

Johnny loves June.

So how ARE picture book covers picked?

This is what I'll be doing next May. And I'm giddy about it already!!!

And to add to the revelation of my geekiness, 4 surprises about the Trek movie poster. Let the analysis-paralysis begin!

I wanna go to Paris and see this.

So what IS being productive all about?

Patti Lupone and Debra Winger talk Mamet and Broadway.

Six Feet Under and it's brilliant title sequence. Once you're there scroll down to see it storyboarded.

Looks matter.

The weekend. The girl turned seven yesterday (but of course I'M not seven years older myself) and her party is on Sunday. Think 17 seven year old girls bouldering. And cupcakes with pink icing and snowflake sprinkles. That's my girl! I'll also be doing some reconnaisance work for a future project that's in the works. Don't worry, I WILL tell you ALL about it. Soon. And I think we're going to a jazz club too. How about you?