Spring is here and so is spring fever and my life list

Good morning! Latte in hand. Marc Maron podcast playing (if you haven't listened to him yet, you MUST!). Ready to write...

It's only February 13th and spring is on.its.way here in the Pacific northwest. That's part of living at the edge of a rainforest - it may rain here a LOT (and don't let anyone tell you that it doesn't - it DOES), but the winter kinda slides by without really every arriving. And now spring is on its way. New beginnings.

The man and I were out on the weekend. Together and with friends we have had many dinners out. Both fancy and cheap eats. High/low. So when we do get a chance to get out just the two of us, eating out isn't our FIRST choice of what to do together.

This past Saturday night we started off with a yoga class. Back in the day (translation: pre kid when we had lots of free time) we were regular yogis. Getting back at it again. Felt good.

Then it was time to park and enjoy a couple of mojitos while doing some brainstorming together about what we want our lives to look like. Perhaps it's spring fever. Perhaps it's being in a new town. Maybe it's been reading the various life lists. All I know is that I have a much stronger sense of making the most of this year. And on.

Are you a writer of journals? I have been off and on over the years. I found this to use as a framework to look at 2011 and then get focused on 2012. I downloaded a copy for each of us and the man and I slurped our mojitos and started at it. Me with my coloured pens to scribble a few pictures to go along with the words.

We then bravely exchanged what we wrote and took a read through. Any surprises? Not really -  mostly just affirming what I knew already - that I need to get back to basics, to what fulfills and what makes me laugh and what is creative and inspiring. And that I need to be surrounded by people who get that and support it.

Now for the life list. Ack, am I REALLY sharing this? Accountability and all that. Making no judgements about how reasonable/possible/likely any of these are.

Rather than a random list, I have organized it into categories a la Nicole from Making It Lovely


  • Live in NYC (this has been on the list since I was 12!)
  • attend TIFF every year forever
  • accompany a jazz singer on piano
  • have a photographic show (obviously learn to take really good photos first!)
  • see Judy Chicago's The Dinner Party at BAM
  • attend a play reading in NYC
  • attend a play rehearsal in NYC
  • attend Sundance in Park City, Utah
  • snowboard in Park City, Utah


  • Denmark (design, film, good food)
  • Sweden (see above for Denmark - love all things Scandinavian)
  • return to southern Africa (lived there for two years - too short!)
  • next sabbatical in Italy
  • visit Fallingwater and Taliesan
  • visit the Eames house in LA


  • bake challah
  • yoga teacher training
  • make a documentary
  • develop an e-course
  • knit a sweater
  • dive off of a springboard
  • navigate a half pipe with my snowboard and survive
  • sew an Elizabethan costume
  • learn portrait photography
  • surf in Hawaii
  • outrigger canoe in Hawaii (done a little but want MORE)


  • host a book club 
  • create a salon
  • revive our annual summer bbq
  • create an annual creative retreat
  • host outdoor movie nights 
  • monthly dinner parties with friends


  • find a rustic cottage and renovate
  • add lots of edge and style to the den (it is SOOOO bland right now)
  • find a large piece of original art for our bedroom (big wall of blank!)
  • find comfy furniture for the deck
  • hike/camp in the Southwest with the man and the girl
  • have at least monthly annual traditions

So even if spring is a ways off where you live, what are you inspired to do? Any life list that you want to share?