Before and After - the Girl's Bedroom

In our previous house, the girl's bedroom was her vision at age 4 and 5 - all pink and princesses. LOTS of princesses. Pretty much EVERY princess. 

When we knew we were moving across the country, I asked her what she wanted her new bedroom to look like. She told me trees and clouds. I wanted to find a style that would suit her now at age 6 and also grow with her for a few years. You know how it is, it's fun to decorate but it's also nice to have something that lasts for a bit. None of this is cheap in either time or money!

And this is what we came up with.

First the before - this is the staged shot from the realtor listing. Like the other rooms in the cottage, it isn't a particularly large room - about 9'x10'. Luckily the closet (to the left and out of the picture) has built in storage so no need for a dresser.

A LOT of pink, especially for a girl who didn't want another pink bedroom. I painted the walls Cloud White like the rest of the cottage (Benjamin Moore OC-130) and you can well imagine how many coats it took to cover that pink.

Here is the after with wrinkled sheets and all. You know, that lived in look...

cole and sons woods wallpaper girl's bedroom

The wall behind the headboard was papered in Cole and Son Woods Wallpaper. It's from the UK and not inexpensive but with only one wall, not too bad. The lamp on the nighttable is from Home Depot. The bedding is a mix of West Elm, Dwell and an independent shop, most on sale. 

cole and sons woods wallpaper girl's bedroom

The draperies are from Pottery Barn Kids.

cole and sons woods wallpaper girl's bedroom

You can see out to the reading nook just across the hall from her bedroom. The dressing table is from IKEA.

The wall mirror is from IKEA. We kept the pendant and painted the ceiling a lovely pale blue called Sweet Bluette (Benjamin Moore 813). I found cloud wall decals for the ceiling online.

I think it turned out well. So what are the takeaways?

  1. You don't need to buy the ENTIRE set of bedding. I am a big fan of contrasting colours and patterns and textures in textiles. Save yourself and us all by avoiding the matchy-matchy...
  2. High/low is ALWAYS possible. And I think preferable. The wallpaper was a splurge but the bed came with us as did the nighttables. The only new furniture purchases were the IKEA dressing table and wall mirror. It's a kid's bedroom and it will be lived in - I never want anything in there that is so precious that I worry about it getting banged up.
  3. A young girl's bedroom doesn't have to be cutesy or an obvious theme. It is what she asked for and it will grow with her.

Most importantly, my "client", the girl, was very happy when it was completed. Payment accepted in lots of hugs and kisses...