Friday, it's Friday!

It's a RAINY Friday but it's still Friday...Isn't that a lovely crocus? I saw so many on the way home from school yesterday afternoon. On the way there this morning I saw a small cherry tree blossoming - I'll try and catch some photos when it stops raining. 

Now for some linky link yumminess...

I read this and got even MORE inspired about NYC and sorry that I never lived there! There's still time, right?

This came in the mail this week and made it into the DVD player immediately. Oh the west coast pretension, oh the humour! [<---- Canadian spelling] [I get a dispensation on calling out the west coast pretension since I live here]

We're fascinated with origami over here and will be trying these this weekend.

Many of us have read Ira Glass writing about the secret of creative success, right? "The most important possible thing you can do is do a lot of work". Look over here for a kinetic typographic version.

Tonight we're going to see this guy. Try out his podcast if you haven't already - inspiring NON-PG13 interviews with comedians.

And I've been taking LOTS of photos because I am in this class. Here are some shots of small things for one of the lessons:

What do you have planned for the next few days? I have a feeling that pancakes are in my future. And pails of coffee too. Plus the Sunday New York Times. And maybe, just maybe, a bit of snowboarding.

I hope that you have a lovely weekend! See you on Monday bright and early...