Gallery weekend with the family - Fred Herzog

The girl has been going to galleries and museums since she was a baby. Occupational hazard being the child of parents who like art. And especially photography. Funny how they think nothing of it, that it's just as a family when that is what you do.

We do it when we are travelling (I'll do a post another day about the amazing children's programs at some NYC galleries and museums) and we do it at home. Of course we don't stay as long as we would if we were there just the two of us. We have a longer attention span than a six year old! But seeing what captures her interest and hearing from her what she thinks about the art makes things fresh for me too. I learn from her.

It was a rainy weekend here in Vancouver. Perfect day to get out and explore a bit. We took a jaunt down to a new gallery space opened by Equinox Gallery. They are currently showing photographer Fred Herzog.

Herzog is one of the man's favourite photographers.

Take a look at the website but if you can visit the gallery, so much the better. I took an ALT class on photography with Justin Hackworth and I remember him saying that seeing photographs in a book or in person is so much better than online.

The girl is her mother's daughter, running around taking photographs.

After the gallery we zoomed over to a new independent coffee place, Matchstick Coffee. Steamed milk for the girl, a mocha for me and a latte for the man. Don't you love independent businesses? There's something about being in a place with the owner right.there. More intimate, more fun, more genuine. 

It's in a tiny little triangle shaped block shared by all sorts of creative, independent businesses. Blink as you are driving by and you may just miss it. A small gallery, a sewing lounge, an art studio , a family art studio. All within about 100' of storefronts.

So what did you do this weekend? Go to any galleries or museums?