Shoes, shoes, I need help with the shoes!

I need help. I need help with shoes. With stylish shoes. Inspiration and recommendations. But you know, there is a bit of a caveat - they have to be walkable. I need MORE stylish shoes that are walkable.

Here are my mainstays right now:

1. All black Chucks. I bought these in NYC after a crazy rainstorm. You know how I love to walk in NYC? Well, I walked after that storm and I walked into far too many puddles. It's an amazing city but I have to tell you that dodging anything liquid is a good thing. 10 million people plus pets = a lot of suspect liquid matter on the ground. I had to throw out the old shoes - they were beyond saving.

2. Red Fluevogs. I bought these a few years ago. Love the red. Love the quality construction.

3. Green and blue Fluevogs. Also from a couple of years ago.

4. These are Sanita shoes - Danish clog manufacturer. Bought them last summer to go with a maxi dress. Cute but you know - not as comfortable as you might think. I was in a hurry...we've all done that, right? I am hanging onto them hoping that they'll suddenly become as comfortable as they are stylish.

5. My fave shoes for walking around in right now. Made by Groundhog. I love the wooden button. Super comfortable.

6. My El Naturalista boots! Aren't those ribbons fun? I wore them at ALT Design Summit. I had some clogs from them too - green. They last forever.

So this is what I have (well, not ALL my shoes but a representative sample, let's say). So where do I go next? Any ideas on comfy flats? I walk at least an hour a day and need something that's comfortable and will last and is stylish.

Liz at Say Yes to Hoboken recommended Me Too flats (any other ballet flat recommendations?) and anything from Bensimon. I picked these ones:

What do you think?


Sandra Harris

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