A hodgepodge for Friday

Hi everyone! It's the weekend - did you have a good week? I have been swamped and it just flew by. Lot's of projects on the go - some like my new column and some still in the incubation stage. I REALLY must start using some project management tools - the paper journal and lists are getting a little crazy. Even the different coloured pens aren't helping me keep things straight.

I have been known to take on too much...how about you?

Being newish in town I want to meet more local creative folk in addition to the lovely ones that I know online and in person from ALT Design Summit. This morning I had coffee here with a bunch of likeminded creative types. Do you have Likemind in your town? It's all over the world on the third Friday of every month.

We were plotting and brainstorming how to get even MORE creative events in the arts community jumpstarted here in Vancouver. Next we'll take over the world. Okay, maybe we'll just focus on the local scene for now.

Here's where I've been reading this week...

Melanie at Inward Facing Girl had THE best post on how she uses Pinterest. There's been a lot of this and that about it lately - some pro, some con. I enjoyed reading about all the ways that it enhances her creative life.

And I found the most delightful blog called Donuts, Dresses and Dirt written by Sheri Silver in NYC. I think we'll be grabbing a coffee during my next trip to NYC!

Take a look at these amazing photos from a resort in the Catskills in its heyday:

And how about this art class? I love the beret on the art teacher - it reminds me of that guy in the back of the New Yorker who advertises berets for sale. I am sure that my MIL took a similar class!

For more before and some after photos, go look here.

And how about this lovely couch designed by Niels Bendtsen? Take a look over here for an article in Montecristo Magazine on this designer. His life story is inspiring...and he's a local too!

And finally, for some music fun, how about these lyrics from Madelene Peyroux's song, "Don't Pick a Fight With A Poet:

So, don't pick a fight with a poet.
Don't raise your hand on a whim.
Whether it's wrong or it's right,
there's a lesson in life,
and to learn it, you have to give in,
cause the poet knows you can't win.

Here's a performance of the song. 

Have a great weekend! I'll be snowboarding, doing some art with the girl and a few science experiments too. Plus some reading - I am due for another video book review soon. And remember, don't pick a fight with a poet or any writer for that matter!