Learning to take some photographs - tabletop ones

This year I wanted to learn how to take photographs. I've been the man's "assistant" for his photography for years (imagine me bouncing around in the back of a jeep - a REAL jeep - for hours on end while he was taking shots near Lake Powell. True love - we were obviously still dating then...).

In January I borrowed his DSLR and signed up for a few classes. Three of them so far have been with Nicole's Classes. Photo 101, Photoshop 101 and Tabletop Photography 101. The instruction is excellent, the homework assignments pitched at just the right amount of challenge, and the feedback is useful. Just what I need.

As an aside, I will need a bit more Photoshop practice. A LOT more. You don't want to see my attempts at touch ups. Not so pretty. I need touch ups for my touch ups. For those Photoshop g-ds out there, I take my hat off to you!

The man is really into landscapes and "bigger" vistas. He's been taking photos as a creative outlet for years now - he's even had a few shows. It's all new to me. But what I find that grabs me is the smaller shots. The tabletop photos.  

And even some wacky ones just to practice.

You know how great it feels when you can lose yourself for hours on end when creating something? When after you are done you are tired and energized at the same time? That's what photography is for me. I have SOOO much to learn but I do love it. 

Do you take the photos for your blog? How did you learn to take them? What do you like to shoot?