Where We Create - Meet Andrea of Lotus Events!

Today I am happy to introduce to you Andrea of Lotus Events, where with her husband she manages weddings and events "handcrafted with vision and heart". She is also quite the world adventurer, having just returned to Vancouver after a year in London. You can read ALL about it on her blog here.

What I appreciate about Andrea is her sense of style and her ability to take the most mundane subject and create a beautifully styled photo. And that extends to her weddings and events. She's the real deal!

So let's take a peak at some of her photos and hear what she has to say about "where SHE creates"....

I moved back to Vancouver last month after spending the past year living in London, UK. While I count down the days until I move into my new apartment and for my shipping container to arrive with all of my goods, my husband and I are literally living out of 4 suitcases. This means that each morning I pack up my notebooks and pens (or various craft projects), and choose a local coffee shop to visit. Perfect for a caffeine kick, to get some work done, and people watch.

What time of day do you do your work and why?

I'm a workaholic, so I'm often working throughout the day. I like to think that I am a morning person and get the most done in the early hours of the day, but honestly, I'm more of an evening worker.

What's your go-to snack when you are feeling peckish?

I'm all about the triscuit triangles and sweet pickles right now. Oh and chocolate helps me write. True story.

When you are procrastinating, what do you do?

I am such a good procrastinator! When I'm in a "I don't want to work" rut, I usually take a break and go thrifting or a mini adventure around the City to get inspired. I then make a to-do list which often organizes my life and focuses my attention back to what needs to be done.

Thanks so much Andrea - living out of a suitcase and STILL living a creative life. 


Sandra Harris

I'm Sandra Harris, a food & lifestyle photographer based in Vancouver, Canada who also writes about creativity, art, food, photography & travel. Fan of film festivals too.