A sunny weekend

Yes, that Portlandia glowing orb was here for a couple of days - now that it's back to the rain I'd better provide the evidence that it was even here!

One of our criteria for picking a neighbourhood when we moved back to Vancouver last summer was proximity to a playground. When you have an active six year old, you NEED to be close. Add in being close to her grandmother, walking distance to school, and 10 minutes from the subway and it was a pretty easy choice.

I love the determination of a grade one-er. The monkey bars have been the focus of the girl and her friends this past winter. Most recesses have been spent learning to swing from ring to ring the entire length without stopping. She has the blisters to prove it.

The sun draws everyone out immediately. You can see the snow on the mountains above the city peeking through. Still great skiing and boarding nearby.

A lovely weekend all around.