Where do YOU create?

Do you do a lot of blog reading each day? I do. And I have my favourites - design, family, lifestyle, creativity, crafts, film, politics, academia, running.

You know that I am passionate about finding inspiration and living a creative life. And as part of that I have been wondering about the physical spaces where all of this creativity happens. Where is it that all these wonderful writers create? Where do they do their work? Is it at home? At their paid work? In a cafe? 

Here's my space. It's a spare bedroom about 9'x10' that I converted into a home office. The one tiny window faces west but it's blocked from direct sunlight by the house next door so it's a bit on the dark side. I hung a large mirror on the wall across from the window to reflect more light into the space.

As I sit at the computer, to my right is a black filing cabinet and to my left is a grey tweed sleeper couch. The closet has built in shelves that are filled to the brim with books and papers and blank journals and art supplies. I have a serious addiction to blank journals, so much so that I have stopped buying new ones til I use up some of the ones that I have. Slowly but surely I am filling them up. And I also have some small plastic drawers full of craft supplies.

Above my desk is a bulletin board.

Here is what is tacked on it today:

1. Various hotel room keys from trips, a library card from the library near the cottage we used to own, coasters from two hotels in Honolulu, my University of Toronto ID card.

2. Photos of the girl from her 6th birthday, from when she was 4 in nursery school and her grade 1 school picture. The  number 37 just because I like prime numbers.

3. A drawing by the girl made during brunch at Sarabeth's in NYC a few years ago. I love the colours and the shapes. Somewhere, someday I will incorporate this colour combination.

4. "be Sandra" - some Gretchen Rubin Happiness Project inspiration.

5. A "to do" list from November 7th, 2011. Some items are STILL outstanding! And it's been long superseded by "to do" lists that I make out of scrap paper that I update daily. Too many days the updating is a big carryforward to the next day. Do you procrastinate like I do on tasks that REALLY don't take that much time? 

6. A vision board that I created for this blog. It inspired the design as well as its content. I need to do a new one about where I want to go next. 

7. Hawaii postcards. I love love love Hawaii and one of the great things about being back on the west coast is being 5 hours closer.

8. Scrabble tiles that spell "believe". Believe in myself. Believe in my dreams. Believe that I can make things happen.

Here are some of the things on my desktop:

Are you a piler or a filer? Despite having a filing cabinet AND a closet with shelving I am a piler. The rest of the house is well organized (in such a small space I have no choice but to be organized - there isn't room otherwise!). There is some method to my madness - I can find everything. It looks a lot worse than it is. No, scratch that - it IS a bit of a mess... I do sort through and clean it up once a week but the piles magically appear again.

So where do you create? Once you find your inspiration, where do you go to put it all down?