Another crazy holiday - Purim!

We are celebrating another holiday today here at Raincoast Cottage and it has one of my favourite foods - hamantaschen. The girl and I baked them on the weekend. I love this recipe because of the lemon zest in the poppyseed filling and the orange zest in the dough. You can see some of the orange zest in the photo.

The kids dress up and it's all about having fun and being silly and general craziness. We had purple pancakes for breakfast and surprised the girl with our own costumes. Excuse the bedhead as I had JUST gotten up.

She'll hear the Purim story at school and every time Haman's (the bad guy in the story) name is mentioned the kids will yell and make as much noise as they can with noisemakers. Lots of candy and carnival games too. 

Making more good memories...


Sandra Harris

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