Before and After - the Dining Room

I've done before and afters for the kitchen, the girl's bedroom, the living room and created a reading nook. On to the dining room!

The before photo is from the realtor website. Staged for sale, as usual, and as a result, stripped of anything unique or personal. That's no surprise.

I changed the paint colour (to my fave Benjamin Moore Cloud White).

The pendant had to go. If you can believe it, we actually brought the three light fixtures that we installed all the way from Toronto to Vancouver when we moved! Yes, that's a few thousand miles with three light fixtures carefully packed - the sputnik for the kitchen, the dining room pendant that you will see below and the master bedroom chandelier that you will see in a future post. 

And the dining chairs (belonging to the former owners of course - the cottage was empty when we took possession) are a bit heavy looking.

I would still LOVE to have lighter floors - bleached oak with wider planks but again - earrings on a monkey. The existing floors are in great condition and it would be too much of an investment to redo them.

Now for some "after" photos. All of the dining room furniture came with us. We did have to sell some things before moving - specifically a 10' dining table that I had custom made for what was going to be our new home in Toronto. Only five days before we started renovating a Victorian semi-detached home in the Annex neighbourhood that had been a year in the planning, we learned of the man's transfer. Our current cottage could not accommodate such a table. 

We consigned the table, a large sectional couch, a coffee table, another egg chair, and a king size bed. All sold within a couple of months.

dining room decor design after

The ubiquitous Series 7 chairs. What can I say - I know they are probably a cliche now but I like them. I like the lines, I like the white against the wood, and I like the modern against the more traditional table. The dining table is another piece of furniture that I had made in Cape Town like this chair.

dining room decor design after series 7 chair

dining room decor design after series 7 chair

The sideboard was a lucky find at a store called Zig Zag in Toronto. I was THIS close to buying a brand new one when I went to pick up the sputnik pendant that is in the kitchen. In the same shop near the back was this sideboard. It's in mint condition and has lots of storage - perfect for a small space.

dining room after decor design series 7 chair

We have a few large pieces of art but only a few walls on which to hang them. One of them is this triptych of a photograph that the man took on a trip to Japan just when we first started dating. 

dining room after design decor series 7 chair

dining room after series 7 chair decor design

As you move to the right of the tryptich, on the wall directly across from the sideboard is the largest blank wall in the cottage on the main floor. On this wall we hung a carved cedar disk. It's four feet in diameter and you can only imagine the crate that we had built for it so that we could move it safely. The photo doesn't do it justice - you really must see it in person. It's a killer whale jumping out of the water.dining after decor design series 7 chair

What's that crazy light fixture? It's a Flos Skygarden. It's not an original - I would like to have an original but I do mix it up with some knock-offs that are more affordable. It's large. It's large for the space. But you know, I love it, the man loves it and as soon as we saw it we had to have it. That's what you do sometimes - you go with a piece of furniture or lighting fixture that shouldn't work but it does for us.dining room after flos skygarden

The interior of the fixture is meant to reference the plaster ceiling in the home of the designer, Marcel Wanders.

It's not the largest dining room but we can easily seat 8 and squeeze 10 around the table. This is where we have our Friday night dinners and all sorts of celebrations. Day to day, we eat in the kitchen at the island since the round table is chock full of the girl's art supplies and books. 

Where do you eat? What's your dining room like?