The Graduate

Although Dustin Hoffman's series "Luck" was cancelled after just a few episodes (and in my opinion, deservedly), I still watched. It was beautiful and the set design and decoration were perfect. But I couldn't follow the story - a bit TOO inside the horse racing industry. But most likely the apparent feud between creators Michael Mann and David Milch did it in.

Despite that, what caught my attention was the acting of Dustin Hoffman. He is one of those actors who steals every scene just by being present.

And that presence reminded me of one of my favourite movies - The Graduate. So instead of the usual hodge-podge of links from the past week, I gathered together a few choice ones on one theme - the delicious perfection that is The Graduate.

A.O. Scott reviews it here:

Take a peek for a design-y take on it.

Wanna see what Hoffman has to say today?

Some behind the scenes about the making of the movie.

What about those locations?

Luckily for me the first time that I saw The Graduate was at an art house theatre - a full size screen. It was incredible. If you haven't seen it, do it. The set decoration is impeccable not only in its style but how it supports the various characters. Stunning...