Where We Create - Meet Katie from Salt and Pine

Have you ever found a new blog and knew within the first few sentences that this one was a keeper? That it would be going straight to your blogroll? That's how I felt when I came across Katie and her blog Salt & Pine. I adore her tagline: "life in the woods by the water" - that says it all.

She lives in THE most quaint small town full of Victorian architecture with an incredible world class arts community. The summer is chock full of week long workshops to attend in everything from jazz to blues to fiddle tunes to chamber music and writing. And each week ends with a three day festival to attend.

Let's hear about where she creates...

Because our cottage is true to form and is rather cozy, the kids and I share a creative place. We often negotiate who will get the prime desk space in front of the window for his or her writing, painting or other artistic pursuit. I love this spot in the art room for so many reasons. The kids creating their art nearby inspires me. The window is perfect for staring into the woods and daydreaming. The light is just right for any creative project. My fun print hangs nearby and makes me smile. The floor pillows to the left? Perfect for a little stretch on the floor. (Only for when I need a little additional inspiration time, of course... :) )

1. What time of day do you do your work and why?
Because I'm a mom, I catch my time whenever I can. Truly. I tend to be the most creative in the early afternoon, although I really have no idea why. I try to grab that time whenever I can because it seems to be when I feel most motivated to create--usually either writing or trying my hand at photography.

2. What's your go-to snack when you are feeling peckish?

I'm a hummus and pita bread type of gal. I also love roasted almonds. And if there are any plantain chips from Trader Joe's in my vicinity, watch out. They won't be around for long!

3. When you are procrastinating, what do you do?

I bounce around Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter and Bloglovin' to see what people are doing. I love being able to check in with friends and acquaintances around the world...I still find it really amazing that it is possible.

I find it amazing as well - no matter where you live, you can find your tribe, people who will inspire you to go further, to do better, to make more art. So do check out her blog - after reading about her day-to-day life you just might start making plans to move to the Pacific Northwest. But you definitely will want to visit.