Company's NOT Coming

We all love the food photos right? The tabletop work that we admire? Showing the cooking that we do...Well, I was thinking over the past few days about those recipes that you make just for yourself. It could be called comfort food. It could just be something that you fall back on when you are rushed and don't have a lot of time to put something together.

I call it, "company's NOT coming". And here's what I make just for myself. 

tuna salad ingredients.jpg

Heat up the broiler. Tuna. Chopped up pickles, some shredded cheese and mayonnaise. Mix it all up. Toast some bread (has to be toasted otherwise it'll get soggy). Spread it on. Broil for a minute or less til the cheese melts and it's hot. Eat.


I have never made it for anyone outside of the man and I. The girl's not a fan of tuna. So there you go. Not fancy but tasty.

What do you make when company's not coming?