Where We Create - Meet Jen of Classic Play

Jen Cooper of Classic Play

Isn't this THE best photo? That is such a great capture of Jen's personality! I met Jen at Alt Summit when I was feeling a bit nervous and alone. You see, I had gone on my own knowing no one and being new to this blogging gig. Nothing like jumping in with both feet!

And then I met Jen. She's creative and fun and imaginative and makes things happen. She blogs at

Classic Play

about creative families sharing ideas and inspiration for playful family living. Not only is she a blogger, she also runs a small business making toys. And has two fab kids. She inspires me to live a more creative life AND to follow my dreams.

Jen Cooper living room

I actually have two places in my home where I do the majority of creating. The couch is my writing spot. See my elbow indent right there? 

And my dining room table is the place I pile things to play with and craft. It's a hodgepodge of my kids' collections and mine. It's kind of fitting though since I blog about kids and family. It's all intertwined right there on the dining room table.  

Jen Cooper of Classic Play

What time of day do you do your work and why?

I have found that I have two excellent hours of the day. Hours where I feel I'm at my peak—my thoughts are clearer, I feel more confident and creative, etc. Yes, sadly that only happens twice a day. From 8:20 am to 9:20 am (it's weird that it's at the 20 minute mark isn't it?) and 4 pm to 5 pm. The rest of the time I just push through.

What's your go-to snack when you are feeling peckish?

My go to snack are those wafer thin Trader Joes Lemon cookies. So good. A few, (read: stack) of those and a nice black tea or afternoon coffee? Bliss. 

When you are procrastinating, what do you do?

If I had a super power, it would be procrastinating. I'm ridiculously good at it—I hop on facebook, pinterest, see who's updated their blog and click on over for a read. 

Spend some time over at

Classic Play

- Jen will inspire you to up the creative play in your family. You can thank me later!