Off to NYC

Bags are packed (with space left for a few purchases of course) and I'll be heading out to NYC for five days this morning. The usual drill of theatre and galleries and museums and eating and jazz and cabaret and shopping and walking and photographs. The comfortable shoes are ready for the daily 100 blocks or so of walking. I'll be a sponge soaking up all that inspiration.

It's my annual solo trip.

I have some posts in the hopper so you won't be without me. Friday links tomorrow, some photography stuffs on Monday and another "where we create" interview on Tuesday. Might even dust off the instagram and zoom some photos to twitter on the way. I'm dragging the big camera along too.

Speaking of photos AND NYC, you probably already read Design Mom but Gabrielle has a link to this delightful blog of portraits of New Yorkers - Humans of New York. Just clever and witty and fun and all that is good. I'd LOVE to have the nerve to ask random strangers for their portrait!

I'll be checking back of course so if you have any recommendations of things to check out while I am there - think restaurants, art/design, shopping - let me know.