Friday links!

As you read this I am in NYC for my annual trip-by-myself for some creative rejuvenation. You know me, I'll be blogging about it next week. Think of me walking my feet off at theatre, galleries, museums and restaurants. And hanging out with Sheri and Leslie. Three cheers for the face-to-face!

In the meantime here are some places to visit, all arty and NYC-y focused.

The man is a map fiend and I know he'll love reading this

I'll be at MOMA for the Cindy Sherman show but this one is meant to be even better. And here's a link for her current work.

Love this  video. But of course I myself never procrastinate!

You know that the glowing church painter Thomas Kinkade passed away recently at age 54? Well, there's a spat brewing between his wife and his girlfriend. No surprise since he apparently made approximately $100 million a year.

And I might be taking it a little easy at the Metropolitan Museum since a security guard there shot himself. Of course shooting himself rather than a visitor might lower my risk a bit.

It might only take place in NYC but the new season of Nurse Jackie is excellent. Sad face about the two show runners leaving after this season.

Have a wonderful weekend and I will see you next week!