A Book for Mother's Day - "Someday"

We had a big day yesterday and after a long Monopoly game, we only had a little time left for bedtime stories. Time to squeeze in one more. I looked over the girl's books in the reading nook and picked Someday by Alison McGhee and illustrated by Peter H. Reynolds.




This is the opening page of the story. It's all about a woman looking back over her life as a mother. I dare you to read it without tearing up - I've read it many times and I still cannot avoid the tears.

NPR has a lovely interview with the author here. And there's even a little e-card that you can send here. Even if you don't send it, listen to it.

You may know Peter H. Reynolds already through his lovely books The Dot and Ish. Both are lovely little books for kids about art-making.

And here are the sketches and watercolours of the cover.

Maybe it's being an older mom. Maybe it's having a hard-won motherhood after years of infertility. All I know is that I have a heightened sense of time - how precious it is and how fleeting. I came this close to never having this at all. And this little book captures all the heartfelt experiences of being a mom.