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Photowalk Friday - Meatpacking District, NYC

What? Is this Lights and Letters, Leslie's blog? Isn't she the one who does Photowalk Fridays?

Yes my friends, she certainly IS the originator of the Photowalk Friday. But a few weeks ago when she posted about her photowalk in Chinatown, she added a few lines at the bottom giving an invitation to join her on her next photowalk. And me, knowing I'd be in NYC soon, jumped at the chance. Off went the email, a reply promptly received and we were set. And so here we are doing a tandem Photowalk Friday in the Meatpacking District of NYC. Me here and Leslie over there.

Although I have been to NYC many many times, I hadn't explored the far west side of Manhattan - the Meatpacking District. Think a little north and west of Greenwich Village but below Chelsea (home of my beloved Cafe Grumpy plus outposts of Trader Joe's and Whole Foods when I am wandering around). It was the perfect place for a photowalk.

Leslie has studied photography and taken photos for years. Being new to this she so generously offered to answer any questions that I had. Confession - I was too shy to ask!

So let's take a look at the Meatpacking District - or at least my version of it.



And here's lovely Leslie with whom I named "goat guy".

To walk around the Meatpacking District with her shooting photos was a wonderful collaboration. So generous - she drove in from 1 1/2 hours away AND her husband hung out with their cute boys while we did out thing. How nice is that?


One of the goals that I set when I started this blog was to build a creative community, to make new friends and share our creative interests. It's happening, people, it's definitely happening.

Thank you so much Leslie for that invitation! It made my looked-forward-to-fill-myself-up-creatively-annual-NYC-trip even that much more creative and fun. Inspiring...

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