Things I'm Afraid to Tell You

I started this post last week when the topic was first floating around various blogs. And then I promptly deleted what I had written. I suppose that could be the first "thing that I am afraid to tell you" - that I chickened out at the first attempt! White underbelly and all that.

Jess at Make Under My Life started it. Then a whole bunch of bloggers jumped on the bandwagon. Meg stickhandled wave #2 and encouraged more bloggers to take part. I don't know if I am wave #2 or #3, just that today Sarah Bryden Brown was inspiring and encouraging to just get this written already. And so here I am. With, you know, things that I'm afraid to tell you.

I want you to know me but I am scared that when you do, you won't like what you find.

Although I'm far from dyslexic, I get R's and 4's mixed up. If I have read a series of letters and numbers, I stop at each R/4 to make sure that I know which one is which.

I used to be the kind of person who could work a room at a party or a conference and I still like to think that I can but I have to make myself do it.

I get fooled by Southern niceness when it is delivering a less than nice message. And then later when I think about it, I get it. Sometimes.

Although you might think that I am shy, I can also be quite outgoing and talkative and blunt and put my foot in my mouth at times. 

And when I think that I am at risk of doing that, I'll become pretty vanilla.

I am amazingly efficient and can multitask like nobody's business.

It's hard for me to be open about what I think I am good at.

At the same time I get frustrated when it seems like we are all meant to downplay our talents to make everyone else feel comfortable. I guess that might be part of "not suffering fools".

My shyness can look like standoffishness.

I like dinner parties and bbq's much much more than a large party or going out to a club.

I can be too loyal.

Sometimes I am embarrassed to admit that I am quite comfortable traveling alone.

So, how about you - what are you afraid to tell us? Come on in, the water's fine...really.