Where We Create - Meet Adina of Gluten Free Travellette

Yet another amazing thing about this whole blogging life is all of the unique niches you find.

Do you remember a time when there were no options available for anyone with gluten allergies? Locally, I mean. 

And what if you loved to travel as well? How would you cope? Where would you eat? WHAT would you eat? Well, meet Adina who has combined her need for gluten free food with her passion for travel and created Gluten Free Travellette

She also has THE cutest dog on the planet, a Viszla.

At heart I’m a maker. I do everything from gardening, cooking, knitting, sewing, and more. If it’s possible to make at home – it’s likely I’ve tried it or it’s on my list. Right now my life is mostly consumed with travel planning, writing my Gluten Free Travelette blog, and sewing. I work from the kitchen table looking out at our front yard, which is in the process of being converted to a garden of edibles. I’m setting up a studio in our second bedroom to expand my making, but it’s still a work in process.

What time of day do you work and why?

During the week, I work at night, after my day job, around 7pm. My favorite time to work is weekend mornings, before anyone else is up and then I can watch the sun slowly light up the garden.

What's your go-to snack when feeling peckish?

A combination of Popcorn, dark chocolate, and genmaicha green tea.

When you are procrastinating, what are you doing?

Reading posts on Bloglovin’, perusing Apartment Therapy, or cuddling with our pup.

Don't forget to check out her recipe for rhubarb and meyer lemon jam - two of my favourite ingredients! And bookmark her blog for all your friends and family with gluten allergies. Adina bravely took part in the recent series going around about "things I'm afraid to tell you". (I wasn't that brave!). She'll also be at BlogHer Food 2012 in a month - think we can convince her to report back on her blog all about it?

Do you or your friends/family have any food intolerances? How do you cope?