Friday and more links for you

After months and months of grey and rain, it has been a gorgeous stretch of weather. Lots of sun = lots of time in the playground and on the trampoline with the girl. Open windows and a cool spring breeze blowing through the house. 

I am off this afternoon to Seattle to Girl Crush! Yes, it's finally here and I get to see Melanie of Inward Facing Girl too! (She has some great Seattle recommendations over here). And I'm going to hear one of my favourite jazz pianists play too - Dave Peck. It'll be a feast, I tell you, a feast - both artistically and musically. Lots of creative inspiration all around this weekend. Plus a jaunt to Trader Joe's of course. Those yoghurt covered star cookies are not just calling my name, they are yelling it over and over.

So here's where I've been this week.

I wrote a guest post for Marie of Food Nouveau as part of her Edible Cities column. Guess where I went? No, it wasn't NYC. And snoop around the rest of her blog - she is a lovely food writer and very creative.

Art Spiegelman and other artists drew some tributes to the fabulous Maurice Sendak.

This is a great video about artist John Baldessari as narrated by Tom Waits. Commissioned by LACMA. Watch it. He's the guy who put dots on people's faces. Baldessari, not Waits.

Back in February I did a book review of Kevin Wilson's novel The Family Fang. And now a script is in process. It's all very Royal Tenenbaums. The book that is. And the movie will be too. (I really must learn how to edit these video reviews so that the screen shots aren't so cRaZy looking).

And I can't end without some Mad Men for you. The lovely Christina Hendricks from a couple of years ago. 

Have a wonderful weekend. It's a long weekend here in Canada - in honour of Queen Victoria. Long live the Queen and all that.