How to conquer self doubt

You know how I love the opportunity to create something, something that inspires me and hopefully you also. This blog is all about putting that stake in the sand, having that accountability to me and to you so that I do take my passions and interests seriously. So that you take your passions and interests seriously too. And improve and learn and make and learn some more and improve some more.

But part of that creating, that being an artist or a musician or a photographer or a crafter or a writer involves putting ourselves out there. Out into the world. "Here's my photo/painting/craft/essay" really means "here's me". Look at me. Like "it"? Like "me"?

Ever feel any self doubt about what you are creating? Ever have those second thoughts just before pushing the post button? Or uploading that photo?

Here's something for all of us - Elan Morgan, otherwise known as Schmutzie, gave a Tedx talk in Regina last month about self doubt and the power of personal narrative. Not just about self doubt but about how to conquer self doubt.

She is one of the most gifted writers and banterers that I know. And a fab web designer too. She founded the Canadian Weblog Awards and has a number of engaging series on her blog. She is the queen of iPhoneography. Writes poetry. Witty and edgy on twitter as @schmutzie. As is her partner @palinode. Now THAT is one talented and creative and smart couple. Lots of synapses firing on all cylinders.

She has been blogging for 9 years. A veteran. A pioneer. And this is about her view of the power of personal narrative. Think of it as an elegant version of "things that I am afraid to tell you" and what pulling back a bit of the curtain can do.

Grab that coffee and listen to Schmutzie talk. Zoom down and take a peek at her slides too.



And the slides.

Self-Doubt and the Power of Personal Narrative

So what about your self doubt? What do you do about it?