Friday Arts and Leisure Links

pink flower 50mm prime lens
Hey my pals! Here's another photo with my new best friend, my 50mm prime. Still in love with this lens!
How was your week? Anything interesting happen? As usual I have been hard at work finding some interesting arts and entertainment tidbits and snippets just for you. So let's get started.
In honour of summer officially arriving this past week here are 50 years of the top summer songs. Not just a list - you can listen to them too!
Life in Hell is over. Sniff. Here's the last strip. See ya Jeff and Akbar. I always thought you were gay. Not that there's anything wrong with that.
Rear Window timelapse. Cool cool cool.
And what would this weekly post be WITHOUT a Mad Men link? Or two. Nothing, I tell you, nothing. I might as well just pack it in. First the sounds of Season 5 of Mad Men. And how death was foreshadowed all.the.way.through.
Still with advertising, but REAL advertising this time. If you're going to hire Harvey Fierstein, you better know ALL his secrets.
Hooray for more good tv! This time it's Aaron Sorkin whose new show The Newsroom debuts Sunday night on HBO. That's the Sorkin who invented the "walk and talk" (VERY liberally influenced by movies such as His Girl Friday). You know - Sports Night, the West Wing, and Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip. Here's an interview with star Jeff Daniels of The Squid and the Whale fame. Love how he downshifted his career to have a regular life for his family in Michigan.
What's on this weekend? Brunch with friends, a carnival at the neighbourhood school, maybe sleeping in a bit. Always coffee with the SNYT. Thinking maybe a bike around the seawall. And some jazz - one of my fave acts is in town from Toronto. How about you?