The Best Friday Arts & Leisure Links

pink peony 50mm

Happy Friday everyone! Have a good week? It's been busy around here and about to get busier. The girl finished grade 1 this week and although she'll be in various day camps throughout the summer, there'll be a lot more play with the mom and less time for writing and photography. I'll just hafta up the efficiency over the next few months. 

Everyone started somewhere. Some early reviews of some of the greatest artists ever. 

The effect of the movie Jaws after 37 years. 

How the crayola-fication of the world changed how we see colour.

Nora Ephron died. Her best movie clips here. And a NYC map of her movie locations here.

Two weeks after the season finale and I STILL find some Mad Men for you. A google map of the NYC locations mentioned in the first five seasons.

So like all of us, Aaron Sorkin recycles some fave phrases...

I love Kasper Tuxen's cinematography in the movie Beginners. Here's all about the set decoration and design in the movie's mid century modern home locations.

Ever feel discouraged? Hardwork (grit) wins over talent every time. 

Did you enjoy the latest "talking about creativity" this week? I'm working on that balance between my own passions/ambitions and being plugged into real life too.

Next week I have something new for you and it involves Cuba! Enjoy your weekend - I'll be flea marketing and restauranting and playgrounding and just general enjoying the summer stuffs. How about you?